Transport links and creates possibilities which are crucial for a sustainable, vital mobile society. If managed properly, it will lead to enrichment and happiness, for people and organisations alike. Transport and mobility developments are taking place increasingly rapidly and originating in various, and sometimes unexpected, areas. With NMTM our aim, as professionals, is to contribute  by stepping beyond our own domain boundaries in order to respond to the opportunities which are enriching our field of work.



Mobility is a challenging and socially relevant field. It is one to be proud of with professionals who, of their own free will, constantly want to link, broaden and renew. These days knowledge is broadly accessible, certainly in a field which overlaps so much with other domains. With NMTM we, as an independent party, want to bring together, and collaborate with, the relevant domains. By setting the agenda we want to encourage and facilitate the debate.


Mobility is a broad concept. It describes many different perspectives with generalists, specialists and fanatics in each domain but, above all, people or, in other words, professionals to collaborate with and learn from. People have relationships and people form organisations. With NMTM we want to link, broaden and stimulate relationships digitally via this website and also physically via meetings. Our members and contributors are mobility fanatics whose aim is to be successful.



NMTM is a community which was set up in May 2017. Chairperson Monique Bekkenutte, secretary Mike Bérénos, treasurer Robin van Haasteren and board member Erik Donkers want to help link, broaden and renew within the field of transport and mobility, with the aim being a sustainable and vital mobile society.

EnIf you are enthusiastic about this issue and would actually like to contribute in some way to the goals of the NMTM, please send us an email. Our email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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